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After you have registered your domain name you would also want to buy a good web host package. If you already have a web hosting package, please let me know.

There are many great web packages out there and most of them are good. We prefer the following hosting company as their service is outstanding and the response time quick.

They offer different packages for very low fees. Our content management system runs well on these web servers in fact they do specialise in it. So depending on what kind of website you want, you can start with the minimum package.

We can recommend the following web hosts for you. Excellent for Joomla and Wordpress.

Please click on the image to sign up.

GreenGeeks - Wind powered webhosting & fast support

Rochen - Joomla at its best



*please note: We are affiliates of the above mentioned hosting services and as such we might receive a commission should you decide to use this links.



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