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worldwidewebstein.comMuch can be said about using social networks for advertising your business. However, please keep in mind that all of the social networks, you never ever own anything. If one network goes down, all of your efforts & online presence are lost.

We like to build solid from the ground. Your website is your real estate, it always belongs to you and you are in the driver seat of it. We keep saying the next best thing after your website is your mailing list. Still true, even in this time of social networks. A person signing up to your newsletter is in your database not somebody elses.

From here you are venturing out into the social media. Trick to it is, to keep content on your website and then share it to the Social Media, so everytime somebody clicks on it, they are coming back to your website, your very own real estate. Make it inviting and exchange details (newsletter).

Know your customer - know your social network

   If you are thinking about engaging the social network platforms to promote your business, take a little time to think about your perfect customer first. This will actually determine which platform(s) you want to engage for your advertising.

List your 10 most perfect customers and see what they have in common, what social networks they might use and where there interest lies. Then you will see which platform is for you.

It is almost impossible to do quality advertising over too many platforms. It is time consuming, not just for creating content but more so for responding to possible clients on the different networks. So choose your platforms wisely. Here are some information about the most used platforms in Australia and who is using them most frequently.

The 6 most used social network platforms in Australia (Nov 2015)

Ranking  Description Used more by Strongest age bracket Education Earning Geographic Benefits 


World's most popular social network Woman 18-29 years
+65 fastest growing group
University educated $30K Living in suburban areas - Exposure to potential customers
- Reach a targeted audience
- Facebook insights
- Increase website traffic and leads


 Mobile photo and video sharing network  Woman 18-20 years   Some university education  $30K  Living in urban areas - Visual marketing
- No edge ranking - appears in all followers feed
- Showcases your business personality


Microblogging social media network     Under 25 years        - Fully customisable profiles & domain names
- Could be used as a standalone website or blog
- Engagement almost as high as in Facebook time wise
- Content indexed by Google


 Business / professional social network  Men  30 - 64 years  University level education  $75K  Living in urban areas - Build a professional network
- Search for a professional in your area
- Increase exposure of brand / products / services
- Credibility
- Attract new business


 140 character messaging  Men  18 - 29 years  University educated  $75K  Living in urban areas - Generating traffic to your website
- Following trends in your industry
- Promote your content - blog, video, etc
- Direct access to your industry authority figures
- Excellent and fast instant feedback & customer service


 People pins photos into collections called boards  Woman  18 - 29 years  University educated  $75  Living in rural areas - Indexed and analysed by Google
- Increased CTR when product pinned with a price
- Superior sales conversion to Facebook or Twitter
- Verified company page
- Rich pins (enhance your pin through app)

The above chart will help you choosing the right platform for your business. Know your audience. Remember, it is not the quantity but the quality that still counts. Do one platform well than few poorly. Create content not ads - the rules are 80% content and 20% calls to action. One great post a week will suffice. Post visual branded content. Write the article in your website and then share it from there, so people come back to your website.

Other platforms worth considering 

   Description Benefits 


Video sharing network - second biggest search engine with 4 billion videos viewed daily - Save bandwidth of your website - faster website performance
- Demonstrate your products, services etc
- Build email list (embed sign up in videos)
- Build a content library - the content never dies
- Indexed by Google


Interest based socila network - circles
Google Plus Pages and Business registration through Google with verification
- Indexed by Google, enhances your website ranking
- Post relevant content
- Circle of groups
- Formatted posts



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