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HikaShop is the best & most versatile solution for most of your e-commerce needs. Have a look at the extensive features on the comparison chart below.

Create Products
Efficient Product Management yes yes yes
Several categories possible for a product yes yes yes
Inventory handling yes yes yes
Several images possible for a product yes yes yes
Badges display on specific products yes yes yes
Downloadable files for products yes yes yes
Related products
yes yes yes
Products variants
yes yes yes
Products options
  yes yes
Product files
yes yes yes
Custom fields for products
  yes yesyes
Manufacturers support yes yes yes
Limit product sales by period with various restrictions   yes yes
Waiting list to which users can subsribe for out of stock products   yes yes
Carousel and sliding/fading effects on products listings     yes
Comparison system for products     yes
Use filters on products listings     yes
Product prices in several currencies
yes yes yes
Manage tax rules
yes yes yes
Prices auto calculated based on currency rates
yes yes yes
Currency rates auto update
No limit on the number of orders
Manage orders efficiently yes yes yes
History of orders modifications yes yes yes
Invoices display & print
yes yesyes yesyes
Totally customizable checkout process
yes yesyes yesyesyes
Wishlist management for each customer   yes yes
Multicart   yes yes
Guest checkout   yes yes
Manual shipping methods management
yes yes yes
Australia Post shipping method plugin yes yes yes
Payment plugins
yes yes yes
Alpha User Points
  yes yes
Integration with Joomla search with a plugin yes yes yes
Geolocation plugin
Opened to any other HikaShop Plugins
yes yes yes
Custom fields for addresses, user and order information
yes yesyes yesyesyes
Easily customize your HikaShop emails
yes yes yesyes
Integration with AcyMailing for marketing campaigns
  yes yes
Integration with Google Products
  yes yes
Discounts and coupons
yes yes yes
Restrictions on discounts and coupons
  yes yes
Affiliate program
Powerful dashboard yes yesyes yesyesyes
Highly customizable Reports tool including multiple graphics   yes yes
Gauge and pie chart on sales   yes yes
Heat map of sales per country     yes
Tracking of affiliates clicks/leads/sales     yes
Tracking of sales with Google Analytics     yes
help and supportHELP AND SUPPORT
Integrated Documentation yes yes yes
Online Documentation yes yes yes
Forum yes yes yes
Personal support via e-mail   yes yes
Joomla MVC Model
yes yes yes
No advertisement in emails
yes yes yes
Remove component advertisement yes yes yes
PowerFul SEO included in order to improve your visibility on search engines yes yes yes
RSS and Atom feeds support on categories and products listings yes yes yes
Social networks support (Twitter and FaceBook) yes yes yes
Integrated multilingual content edition (with Falang/JoomFish)   yes yes
Compatibilty with Joomla ACL system     yes

HikaShop E-Commerce



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