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SEO is the big word in the internet market today. There is huge advertisement for it. While there is some merit to do the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), I would like to point out that in order to increase your traffic there are some other tools that might help your business even better (depending on the business you are in).

The website I have built for you has a nice foundation in SEO. Additionally I have installed some other parts that will help improve that. 

Here are the top 3 traffic sources that drive buyers to your website:

  1. Still number 1 would be the in-house mailing list. People who sign up are already interested in your services and / or products. Creating interesting newsletter is an absolute must but it keeps you in touch with your audience. They are most likely to come back to visit your site again. Good mailing list systems have an inbuilt analytic program that allows you to see how many of your users have a) opened the email b) have clicked on a link to your website.
  2. Another good way to increase traffic to your website is an affiliate system. Your affiliates really endorse your website and it can generate a nice amount of traffic.
  3. Last but not least of course it the search engine listing and ranking of your website, organic searches where people search by keywords are pretty much on top. While creating your articles and saving them, the keywords and description are generated for you. You can then go into METADATA OPTIONS and improve on it if you like.

Of course every website is a little different, for many the social media might work nicely as well. Integration with Facebook can be attractive. I suggest you try to implement one, then check the response via your analytics and then implement the next one.

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