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  • Animal Konnection, Dr. Tracey Simpson is about cultivating heart centred healing with the client and their animals. They look to facilitate individuals with their self-healing journey to greater joy, wellness and functionality on all levels, and a greater connection with their deeper knowing. They are passionate about providing individualised healing sessions, for all who share their wellness journeys with us.

  • Simple design & content changes to a website can change a lot of its appearance. This firm requested us to make some of those. They already had a good idea of what they were wanting to see.

    We implemented the changes quickly, smoothly and cost efficient. The website experienced no downtime while we were working on it.

    Visit their website here

  • Facebook extensions are ideal for connecting your Joomla website to Facebook. Enhance your Joomla! websites with our Facebook widgets, get connected with your customers/users, generate fans and stay in touch! If you have a bigger site with lots of user interaction then this is certainly something you might consider. I can implement this into your website at any given time. I am using these tools on this website, so please check them out and LIKE / RECOMMEND ME.

    1. Facebook Connect (Facebook Connect Widget for Registering and Logging into your website with your Facebook account.)
    2. Facebook Login (Facebook Login Widget for Logging into Facebook from your website.)
    3. Facebook Registration
    4. Add a Friend Dialog (The Facebook Friends Dialog displays a button that allows user to add you (or anyone else) as a Friend. If the friend had previously sent a request to the user, then the dialog allows the user to confirm the friend instead of sending a new friend request. This is a great tool for allowing people to connect to you on Facebook.)
    5. Like & Share Button (The Facebook Like and Share Plugin automatically embeds a Facebook Share Button and Like Button to all Joomla Article pages.)
    6. Like Box/Fan Box (The Like Box/Fan Box enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box/Fan Box enables users to: See how many users already like this page, Read recent posts from the page and Like the page with one click.)
    7. Subscribe Button
    8. Request Dialog (The New Facebook Request/Invite Widget renders a button that lets a user send request to thier friends for visiting your Facebook Application.)
    9. Facebook Comments (The Facebook Comments Widget displays a set of comments for a unique identifier for example a webpage. Facebook handles posting, drawing, and see all page.)
    10. Facebook Friendpile (Facebook Friendpile Widget shows profile pictures of the user's friends who have already signed up for your site.)
    11. Send Dialog
    12. Recommendations Bar
    13. Recommendations
    14. Activity Feed
    15. Facepile
    16. Shared Activity
  • Dedicated landing pages are standalone pages.

    Standalone means that it has no global navigation. In essence it floats alone, only accessible from the link you’re providing in your marketing content (the call-to-action in an email for example, on a business card etc).

    The purpose of a landing page falls into three categories:

    1. to establish a quick web presence for businesses in form of a short introduction to your business and a means to contact you (extended business card)
    2. to capture leads that enable you to market to people in the future, or

    3. to “warm up” potential customers to the product you are trying to sell to them before sending them further into your sales funnel.

    What is contained in a landing page? 


    Help registering your domain name 
    (REGISTER HERE - Domain name fees are payable by you directly to your chosen registrar)


    Setting up of your webhost and connecting of your domain name to it 
    (REGISTER HERE - Webhosting fees are payable by you directly)


    Joomla - Content Management System or Wordpress installed and configured to your needs


    Design of your personalised website template with implementation of your logo


    1 page with your content


    Call to Action (single payment option with Paypal. Note: Paypal needs to be established as a business account)


    Contact details and secured enquiry online form


    Social Media - Social share buttons

    Please note: Timeframe to build your landing page is 1 week from ordering. Logos, images and content for the landing page needs to be supplied by the client within 2 days of ordering your landing page otherwise we can not guarantee a timely delivery.

    If you would like to expand your landing page, everything is already in place to easily upgrade it to a full website. Your initial investment for this landing page will be honoured and deducted from the price of the creation of the full website.

    Planning & Execution Guide

    Please read the guidelines on how we are going to create your web presence together.

    Payment Options?

    Explain to me how that could work...


  • Get your unique designed website tailored to your business with awesome down to earth support...

    1. Setup of web host and required email accounts, ftp accounts, domain name(s) … Note: Domain name fees and web hosting fees are the responsibility of the client
    2. Installation of the latest Joomla Content Management System (CMS) or Wordpress
    3. Unique custom built responsive mobile friendly design of your website
    4. Easy website backup tool
    5. Customised editor for convenient article management
    6. Powerful Sitemap & SEO solution for convenient overview for visitors and submission to Google and other search engines
    7. Navigation system that appeals to your visitors and is easy to use
    8. Setup of secure contact & enquiry forms
    9. Integration of slideshows if requested (images have to be supplied)

    SEO: Registering and linking your website to Google AnalyticsGoogle Webmaster & Google and Bing search engine


    SEO: Setting up of a dynamic sitemap for content, images, mobile and language that feeds to Google

    12. Content up to 15 pages
    13. Mailchimp newsletter integration
    14. Social Media - Social share and follow buttons, Facebook Like Box (if you already have a Facebook Business Page)

    Please note: Timeframe to build your website is 1 month from ordering. Logos, images and content for the website needs to be supplied by the client within the first week of ordering your website otherwise we can not guarantee a timely delivery.

    Your website will be built with the latest technologies responsive to be viewed on mobile devices.

    Whatever is quoted here, there will be no additional license fees except where explicitly stated.

    Planning & Execution Guide

    Please read the guidelines on how we are going to create your web presence together.

    Other functionalities

    Should you need further functionalities like newsletter system, shopping cart, Facebook Business pages, rental systems, appointment bookings, event calendars and more, please get a quote here.

    Payment Options?

    Explain to me how that could work...


  • Keeping up with the latest technologies in the internet world becomes a must for many business in particular for real estate agencies such as PWC Realty. Communications and a nice appeal is important to keep in touch with buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

    PWC Realty has taken this step by upgrading their existing website and imbuing it with a fresh look & feel. Most importantly the website is now mobile responsive as the clients more and more moves to mobile devices.

    It was a pleasure for us to work with the PWC Realty team and the marketing consultants as well as the graphic designers.

    Please enjoy and visit the new website.

  • As your business grows you might need to expand your website. This is what happened to Karen Easter. She created 4 specific programs which are now featured on her revamped website.

  • Support / Maintenance

    Of course we are always here when things go wrong, just a phone call or email away. We use a professional software to record the amount of time we have spent on your project.

    Of course we are also offering a special maintenance service on a subscription basis. Please click here for more information.


    Your Content Management System website allows you to be in control of your content, to update it at any time without much knowledge.

    Many of our clients opt for the possibility to receive some training that makes them independent from a web designer. Not much training is required. At a great hourly rate for training you are in charge of maintenance costs around your website.


    We offer a special discount to people / businesses who want to buy more than just one hour of service at the time. We will credit your account and will deduct as we use the time.

Petra has designed and created two comprehensive and unique websites for my business consistent with the brief given. She is a great trainer and teacher and quickly enabled me to become competent and independent with my site. She is a brilliant problem solver and yet highly creative, so you get the unusual left and right brain talents combined in a single and well-priced package. I would highly recommend Petra to businesses looking to create a website.

Sara White from ScarvesAustralia.com.au Sara White
Scarves Australia




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